What Companies Make Boat Grills?

If you’re on the search for a quality boat grill, you might not know where to start. With so many models on the market, here’s an introduction to some of the most reputable companies and brands that make boat grills.


Kuuma Stow N’ Go 125 Compact Gas Grill

Small and portable, this is your perfect grill for small spaces like your pontoon boat. Transport it easily from one place to the next and mount it right on a Kuuma rail, rod, or mount. You can put this grill anywhere, while still having the versatility of using high-pressure propane in your cooking. You might have less space to cook because of how compact it is, but it’s still great value for your money.

Kuuma Stow N’ Go 160 Gas Grill with Igniter and Built In Thermometer

It’s all about portability with this gas grill. You only have to use your disposable or refillable tanks to start cooking with propane. And when you’re ready to move it to your boat, you’ll be glad to know that it’s both portable and well-constructed, making it sturdy enough for the sea. The only issue is that you will need to buy a Kuuma mount if you want to actually mount it.


Cuisinart Pontoon Grill

There’s a reason why this is one of the best boat grills on the market: you can fit it to your pontoon rails with ease. It will sit right over the edge of the pontoon boat so that you don’t have to take up more space on the deck—and so that any passengers won’t run into a hot grill accidentally. It’s so easy to mount, won’t rust or corrode, and should last at least a few years. Sometimes, the ignition button can weaken after a few years though.

Cuisinart CGG-180TB Petit Gourmet Portable Gas Grill

Small and sleek, this little Cuisinart grill will cook your food effectively and evenly despite the smaller cooking surface. While you can only cook about four burgers at once, you’ll have an easy time just twisting to start it. You can use the precision temperature gauge for temperature control Just set it up and break it down to carry it just like a briefcase!


Coleman Camp Propane Grill

Cooking with this propane grill is a breeze, especially when you have wind block panels to shield your burners on a windy day. If it’s not windy, you can just fold those down to use them as side tables. The heating technology is made to use less fuel to get your cooking done, while keeping temperatures constantly consistent. The metal is quite cheap though, so it might not last for as long as you want.

Coleman RoadTrip LX Propane Grill

This versatile grill will allow you to insert a griddle top if you want the choice of other options when you’re doing your cooking. You don’t even need to light this grill yourself, not with the push-button igniter. Since each burner dials independently, you have a lot of control over what you’re cooking. You won’t be able to use a large propane tank though, so just keep that in mind.


Kuuma Stow 58130 and Go 160 Marine Gas Grill

You don’t need a mount on this grill, which makes it unique compared to other options. If you just want to place it out atop a table, you definitely can. You can also mount it if you would like, but it’s made to be so small and compact that you really can do anything with it. If you need to mount it, this might not work for you, but it’s perfect for stowing.

Kuuma Mount Boat Grill

This tabletop grill is made of marine grade stainless steel, and can handle all sorts of elements and even seawater too. It’s unique since it can use either charcoal or propane, although you will need to make sure you have the right model to use propane gas and that you buy the suitable cylinders. The cooking surface is a good size, with an easy clean up too.


Kenyon Marine Grill & Cooktop

Don’t look any further if you prefer marine grills that are also a cooktop. You can easily fit this grill and cooktop right in your galley, while still having a large grilling surface that’s easy to clean up. It’s small but packs a punch with the built-in design, so you’ll be hauling less on and off the boat. You’ll have to make sure that you buy a portable option (since not all are portable), but portable options can be used indoors or outdoors.


Magma Marine Kettle Gas Grill

This grill is perfect for boat owners, and for good reason. It’s simple to set up since it will slip easily into any standard rod holder. With the wind resistance from the lid, you won’t need to worry about the conditions on the sea. That lid will ensure even heat distribution too. Just be careful of that lid, because it can get very hot without you even noticing.

Magma Catalina 2

It makes sense that Magma grills are popular. With this one being made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, you can rest assured that it will remain in good condition while you’re out on the sea. The grease tray is very effective too, meaning that cleaning is a breeze. The fold away legs help with easy moving too.


Weber 51080001 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

This grill heats up quickly and evenly, and clocks in at one of the larger cooking spaces that you can have for a boat grill. Cook larger foods on there. Since this is a stainless-steel option, it will remain relatively clean too. The only real issue is that it can be difficult to add the propane gas canister if you don’t know how to hold it properly.

Weber Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill

This outstanding grill is sleek and portable. Thanks to those large handles, you can carry it on and off with you if you want. You’ll be more focused on the cooking though, which includes a griddle and split grates for whatever you want to make. With the large cooking area and durable construction, take it with you anywhere. You may find it hard to mount compared to some other options though. 


There’s no lack of great boat grills on the market and these are just some of the well known companies that make them. If you’re at a lost about where to get started, look into any one of these brands and models and you’ll be on the right track.