Saber Deluxe Infrared Grill versus Char-Broil

saber delux

There’s nothing like a burger out on the grill. There’s just something special about that smoky flavor, no matter the type of food you’re cooking. If you’re looking for a luxury infrared grill, you have some work ahead of you to find the best one, though. Keep reading to see us compare the Saber Deluxe and the Char-Broil infrared gas grills so you can make the right choice.

Saber Deluxe versus Char-Broil Infrared Grills

Assembly and Construction

It isn’t too difficult to put the Saber Deluxe grill together. It arrives in two main pieces, which you simply attach to each other. That being said, the actual grill is quite heavy, so you’ll need someone to help lift it when you’re ready to connect that piece. Its heavy weight is because it’s made entirely out of steel—no plastic wheels even. Its solid construction makes it durable and long-lasting while giving you a reliable and stable cooking surface.

The Char-Broil is impressive in its own way,s too. The lid, handle, control panel, fascia, and door to the cart are all made with stainless steel—even the burners too. The build quality is definitely impressive, although unlike the Saber Deluxe, it isn’t made entirely out of metal.

Ease of Use

How difficult could it be to use infrared grills? You may ask yourself this, but some infrared grills don’t heat evenly, or fail to get those nice char marks that you’re looking for.

You won’t have this problem with Saver grills, which is why it’s often deemed the best infrared grill. With the infrared grates, your grill will get to the right temperature while providing you with those coveted char marks. Not to mention that you only have to have it turned on for a few minutes before it’s hot enough for you to get searing.

All you have to do is adjust the grate-level temperature controls, which will let you know the temperature at the grate level, not the overall air level of the grill. If you’re cooking at different high temperatures, this is the perfect feature for you.

What about the Char-Broil? This grill includes a TRU-infrared system of its own, which is made so that your food will cook evenly, not to mention that there will be less flare-ups while you’re cooking.

Ultimately, this will keep you safe while you’re out there while providing you with the same char marks as the Saber. With the included side burner for side dishes and the porcelain-coated grates keeping your food from sticking, you might find that this is one of the easiest grills to use.


Keeping your grill clean is just as important as anything when it comes to using your grill. With the Saber, you might be relieved to know that the built-in grill grates do come with a cleaning apparatus. For a real deep cleaning, you’ll need to remove the cooking grate entirely.

The Char-Broil isn’t necessarily easy to clean. The bottom of the grates includes little holes that can get clogged when you’re grilling, which means that you need to struggle to get everything cleaned. The included tool for cleaning isn’t exactly very useful either, but if you can figure out a good cleaning regime, the grill itself is still a good option.

The Food

The real question is how well the food actually turns out. The Saber will heat up everything evenly with a dry and hot heat, and without any flare-ups, you should notice that your foods come out juicy and delicious. It helps too that you’ll have a little more cooking space with the Deluxe, since it has 420 square inches of space, so you can cook more.

With the Char-Broil, you really do get a great meal out of it. Some people claim that the meats come out juicier, and even if you happen to overcook the meat—since this grill does tend to cook a little more quickly than others—you’ll still get a really delicious meal.

You do have less cooking space at 340 square inches, but you also have an additional 125 square inches with an included warming rack.


Price does matter. You might not be able to pay for something that requires a substantial initial investment, and the Saber Deluxe definitely is a huge investment. It can cost almost double what the Char-Broil costs. That being said, the easy cleaning and usage of the Saber Deluxe may be worth it to you.

Final Verdict

You have a lot of options when it comes to grilling good food. Even between the Saber grills and Char-Broil, it’s a tough choice. Both grills will cook you up something delicious, so which one you pick depends on how you want to do your cooking and what extras you’re looking for, not to mention the price. Once you decide on the right infrared grill, you’ll be excited to get cooking!