George Foreman Family Grills

family george foreman grill

Buying a small home grill is a great way to make family meals more fun. Finding a grill that can be used indoors and outdoors equally can make it even better! With a grill that can be used anywhere, you’re no longer dependent on good weather or disheartened by a sudden storm.

But which grill do you buy?

One of the top brands and a favorite amongst many families is George Foreman. The brand offers lots of family grill options with different sizes and colors. However, with so many choices to pick from, it can be difficult to know which grill is suitable for your family. 

To help you make an informed choice, we’ve compiled a list of the best George Foreman grills as well as advice and tips for using one.

Best George Foreman Family Grills

All George Foreman grills are fantastic, but we’ve pulled together just the top five family George Foreman grills to get started. In no particular order, here they are:

1. George Foreman 4-Serving Removable Plate Grill, GRP1060B

Although its design is not especially stylish, this indoor and outdoor grill is great for the average family. It has the space to fit up to four servings at once and can be easily stored in a cupboard or pantry when not in use. It measures 12in x 12in x 6.5in, but still weighs under a pound at 0.62 pounds. 

You won’t find any color options for this grill, but the black makes this grill look sleek and shiny. It’s very durable and will last quite a while when taken care of and used properly.

The non-stick grill plates are easy to remove for cleaning and are completely dishwasher safe! Give them a quick rinse after using them then pop them in the dishwasher to take care of the rest. Cleaning your grill has never been easier.

Compared to most grills, this model heats up 35% faster from the moment you plug it in. Within just ten minutes, you can have fully cooked meals.

2. George Foreman by Russell Hobbs 18471 4-Portion Family Grill

Measuring just slightly smaller than the model above, this grill is 11.4in x 9.2in x 5.55in and will fit just as easily on your counter or in your pantry. It weighs around 4.5 pounds, but it is still easily portable and light enough to carry across the yard if you’re having a small cook-out. 

Perfect for a family of four, this grill cooks four servings at a time. There’s an included drip tray to catch any escaping grease or fat and to keep your grilling table clean. With a slight slope to it, all running juices will be directed into the drip tray rather than escaping onto the table or out the side of the grill.

This grill is built with a floating hinge to allow you to cook thicker food without problems. It also has anti-slip padding on the feet and non-stick grill plates. The plates aren’t removable, however, so you’ll have to find a good sponge and grill brush to clean them after use.

3. George Foreman Compact 2-Portion Health Grill

Only 4.8in x 8.5in x 9.7in, this grill is smaller and holds just 2 portions. It’s very compact and easy to store even in small kitchens as it can be stored vertically or horizontally. Although the grill plates aren’t removable, this grill does have floating hinges so you are able to cook thick meats or vegetables with ease. 

This little grill has a slight slope to it so while we don’t recommend cooking eggs, it’s great for catching any runaway juices, grease, or fat. There is a detachable drip tray at the end of it as well to take care of all the juices while you focus on grilling. 

This George Foreman grill has a light indicator to let you know when it’s ready for use and heats up quickly. It cooks food evenly and in just a short amount of time, you have ready to eat snacks or meals.

4. Family Steel Grill GR25042AU

This is one of the bigger family George Foreman grills on our list and can hold up to 5 servings at once. It’s capable of cooking anything from frozen food to meat to vegetables, so you’ll have a fun time cooking anything within reach. It has grooved plates to keep food from sliding down and leaves delicious looking marks across your food.

With a special design, this George Foreman grill uses a combination of sloping and grooves to reduce the fat and grease by up to 40%. All the extra fat, grease, and juices trail down into an easy to remove and clean drip tray at the end to make clean up easy. While the grill plates aren’t removable, they’re also easy to clean and take care of.

This George Foreman grill can be stored vertically which makes keeping it in the pantry or a cupboard easy. With a 12 month warranty and non-stick plates, this grill is ready for just about any meal you could dish out.

5. George Foreman Family Size, 4-6 Servings, GRD6090B

This George Foreman grill uses a more digital interface and can cook up to 6 servings in one grill. Instead of the same black design as all the other George Foreman grills above, this one is stainless steel and measures 15.5in x 7.95in x 13.7in. It does weigh more than the others, 13.8 pounds, but it’s still portable and easy to store.

The touch sensitive controls on this George Foreman grill make it easy to adjust the temperature and set a cooking timer. It heats up incredibly quickly and can cook entire burgers in just six minutes!

Both the drip tray and the grill plates are easy to remove and clean on this grill. After a quick rinse, both can be put in the dishwasher to be thoroughly cleaned and dried before being returned to the grill.

Thanks to the smokeless design, this George Foreman grill won’t accidentally set off a fire alarm when being used inside. By cooling grease before it burns and directing all runaway juices into the drip tray, you can get cooking even when it’s raining outside.

How to Use George Foreman Grills

Although each George Foreman grill is different, there are some basic dos and don’ts when it comes to using them. The George Foreman grills all cook evenly and are pretty straightforward, but in order to prolong the life of your George Foreman grill and improve the overall experience, here’s what we recommend.

The Dos:

Even if these grills come with non-stick grill plates and don’t necessarily require butter or oil, you should still spray a light cooking spray on the plate before use. When using the grill more than one time in a row, you don’t need to respray the plates, but giving it that little extra protection in the beginning will help it last longer.

These George Foreman grills come with light indicators to let you know when they’re fully heated up and ready to use. Even if you are in a rush to get grilling, wait until this light turns green. If you lay your meats or veggies down before, there’s a high chance that they’ll stick the plates or cook unevenly.

It isn’t just meat that these George Foreman grills are good for. You can cook veggies or all sorts and make delicious kebabs in one grill all with the same George Foreman grill. The same applies to bread and frozen meats, so get a little creative and try it with all sorts of foods.

As always, clean your George Foreman grill when you’ve finished using it. Some of these George Foreman grills have removable grill plates that can go in the dishwasher, but some of these grills do not, so you’ll have to clean them by hand. It’s important that you completely clean the grill after each use as otherwise, the lifespan will shorten and the grill will be damaged.

The Don’ts:

Don’t forget that most of the time, your grill time will be cut in half. It’s important to remember that the food is being cooked on both sides at once, so until you have a good idea about how quickly it takes to cook your food, keep a close eye on your grill and don’t leave it alone for extended amounts of time.

Using bone-in meats or especially fatty meats for these grills are a big no-no. Bone-in meats will cook unevenly due to how they sit on the plates. While fatty meats won’t damage your grill, it’s always a better idea to lean towards healthier options. Don’t think that this grill will reduce most of the fat content and choose meats that are high in fat.

Another thing you shouldn’t do is flip your food. It’s already being cooked on both sides, so there’s no need to move it. Of course, flipping it won’t hurt the food or your George Foreman grill, but we still recommend just leaving it be.

Tips for Using George Foreman Grills

Aside from the top dos and don’ts above, there are a few extra little tips to throw in. As with every grill, you want to make sure your George Foreman is settled on an even surface and won’t wobble or fall. If it’s resting at a crooked angle, some grease might escape from the drip tray and make a mess on your counter or tabletop.

Thanks to the grooves on the cooking plates, you can play around with leaving grill marks. Position your food at an angle when starting out and then about halfway through, position it the opposite way to leave perfect crosshatch marks across the surface of your meat. 

Cleaning Your George Foreman Grill

For grill plates that are removable or dishwasher safe, you’ll need to clean them by hand alongside the drip tray. Unlike bigger grills however, you do not want to use a scouring pad to clean your George Foreman grill. This will remove all the non-stick covering and ruin your George Foreman grill. Instead, opt for something softer.

Here are a few ways to clean it:

  1. While the George Foreman grill is still hot but unplugged, take a wet paper towel and use tongs to wipe it clean. After it cools down, use a soft sponge with soap to gently clean away any leftover grease then take a sponge without soap to clean away any remaining residue. 
  2. Use parchment paper or aluminum foil to cover the grill plates before using the grill. This will prevent food from sticking to the plates and when you’re finished, you can just fold up and throw away the foil.

If your George Foreman grill has removable plates, let them soak in warm water to loosen stuck food particles before washing them. You can do the same for the drip tray, but be sure to use a soft sponge on both pieces.

Final Thoughts

Overall, your George Foreman family grill will serve you well if you’re looking for a quality grill from a reputable brand. Start with any of the family grills we’ve listed here and you’ll won’t regret having a George Foreman grill as a staple in your kitchen.