Electric Vs. Gas Smokers

Electric vs. Gas smokers

Choosing between an electric and gas smoker can be a tough decision. These different types of smokers have a vast number of differences. For several years, people have used both electric and gas smokers, and both methods of cooking have many benefits. The greatest difference in cooking methods is the way they generate heat.

Major Differences

There are differences in a gas vs electric smoker when it relates to cooking. Mainly, cooking with gas uses wood or charcoal, and cooking with an electric smoker involves electricity. The main point with both is to keep an adequate temperature during the cooking process. Both have their own separate benefits.

Electric Smoker Features

You know that smoking food with an electric smoker brings out the richest flavor in many foods like brisket and ribs. Most people enjoy the moistness and tenderness that results from electric smokers. The key to electric smokers is learning how to use the heating elements, thermostats, and programmable timers to cook foods evenly and effectively. Some electric smokers can be used in your own kitchen inside of your home. The negatives of using electric smokers are that you cannot use them if you have no electricity available.

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Electric Smoker Benefits

  • Electric smokers have plenty of space allowing you to cook for large groups of people. The chamber size in an electrical smoker is about 500 to 700 square inches.
  • Electric smokers have removable chrome coated racks. This makes cleaning easy, and they are easy to remove from the smoker.
  • Electrical smokers are easier to use than ever before. Most come with remote controls and can connect wirelessly. The temperature control can also be managed with a remote control, unlike a gas smoker.
  • Electrical smokers are lightweight for ease of use. The interior of the units is made with very lightweight materials. Because they are frictionless, you can move them from place to place.
  • Electrical smokers are made out of stainless steel which makes it sturdy and resistant to rust. You may pay a bit more for an electrical smoker, but this is because of the great quality the offer.
  • You cannot say enough about the safety of electrical smokers. The temperature element inside the unit monitors the heat allowing for optimal safety and protection.

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Gas Smoker Features

Propane smokers control the heat in their own surroundings. Burners placed below the iron box create the heat for cooking. Wood and charcoal provide the smoke. Smoking chips or chunks of wood are placed in pans above the burner. Minimal wood is required for cooking. The negatives of a propane smoker are the performance in sketchy weather conditions because of the deficiency in insulation. Additionally, some units will not hold a large rack of ribs or briskets meaning you have to cut the meat in order for it to fit.

Gas Smoker Benefits

  • Gas smokers are easy to operate and use. You can quickly learn how to use them which make them beneficial for cooking.
  • Gas smokers can go wherever you go. They can be placed anywhere you choose outdoors. If you are going camping or on outdoor adventures, gas smokers are easy for you to take along.
  • Gas smokers do not need you to heat them up before you use them. This results in less planning and cooking time. At any moment, you can quickly adjust the heat.
  • Gas smokers do not need electricity. Electric smokers require electricity which can cause problems. When electricity is hampered by weather conditions, the gas smoker has a major advantage.

 You might have a hard time choosing between a gas vs electric smoker because both have great advantages and features. The bottom line is that choosing the perfect gas or electric smoker all comes down to personal preference. Both are excellent options for cooking, so you just need to just figure out which is the more convenient and comfortable way for you to cook.

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