Cuisinart vs. Coleman Boat Grills

Cuisinart Grillster Portable Tabletop Gas Grill - CGG-059

If there’s one thing better than taking your boat out on a beautiful sunny day, it’s having a barbecue out on the water. There’s nothing quite like grilling a fresh meal out in the middle of the water and equipping your boat with a boat grill is the number one way to do so.

Both Cuisinart and Coleman make boat grills, but which should you choose? We’ve done a comparison of the best pontoon boat grills from both brands to help you decide.

About Pontoon Boat Grills

Boat grills are pretty straightforward products. They’re grills that are mounted on your pontoon boat and can be used even when you’re in the middle of the lake. Adding a grill to your boat makes any average day on the lake that much more unforgettable and can really turn your lake day into a party.

With boat grills, you no longer have to cook your meat on the beach before heading out. Instead, you can drive out to your favorite swimming hole or float just off shore before lighting up the grill and getting started. You can even use the grill while the pontoon boat is moving.

Not every brand makes grills that are easy to mount onto a pontoon boat, but Cuisinart and Coleman aren’t your average brands. Both sell great grills and they sell many models that are pontoon compatible.

If you’re looking into either Cuisinart or Coleman, finding a mountable pontoon grill shouldn’t be too much of a problem. First, you need to decide which brand you should choose and which model is best for your boat.

Cuisinart vs. coleman boat grills

Top Cuisinart Boat Grills

Cuisinart offers several portable grills that are easy to take on your pontoon boat. They’re a well loved brand and it’s easy to see why: many of their grills regularly top the charts. 

If you want the perfect pontoon boat grill, you won’t have to look very far. Cuisinart sells a grill modified for pontoon boats and it comes with a stainless steel grill bracket, including everything you need to mount the grill onto the rails of your boat. It’s extremely easy to install and you don’t have to purchase any extra parts or accessories.

Cuisinart’s modified grill has a drip tray, a stainless steel grill burner and bracket, and a large cooking surface. It even has a lockable cover and a handle that makes carrying this grill easy. The grill itself weighs under 20 pounds and the mount is definitely built strong enough to hold it. You’ll even find a solid propane tank mount that’s just as strong.

Cuisinart also offers a number of portable grills that are easy to bring onboard whenever you want. If you aren’t sure a mountable grill will fit on the rails of your pontoon, a Cuisinart portable grill is your next best option. Portable grills are more versatile than mountable pontoon grills, too. You can take them on any outdoor adventure without worrying about extra supplies.

Many of Cuisinart’s portable propane powered grills are great for pontoon boats, there are some models that seem to be a favorite of boaters everywhere.

The CGG-306 is a tabletop grill that’s powerful and durable. It’s a stainless steel grill that is propane powered and super quick to set up. Within just a few minutes of unboxing it, you can start grilling. It uses two burners that add up to 20,000 BTUs and with an extra adapter, you can convert it into a fully gas powered grill.

Another favorite is the Cuisinart CGG-059 Propane Grillster. This small, 10 pound Cuisinart grill can reach cooking temperatures of 600 degrees. It can be entirely powered with a 1 pound propane gas tank, making it incredibly portable. With a stainless steel hinged lid, this Cuisinart grill is quick to start up and clean up. The cooking grate is even dishwasher safe!

Top Coleman Boat Grills

Looking at Coleman, you’ll find a number of great grills to take onboard your pontoon boat. While Coleman doesn’t sell any ready to mount grills, they offer some powerful and impressive portable grills that will definitely get the job done.

Coleman’s portable grills are super versatile and can be used for all sorts of different activities. Whether you’re camping, roadtripping, or boating, their portable grills are easy to take along with you.

One of the most popular Coleman grills is the Coleman Road Trip LX Propane Grill. It weighs around 50 pounds so it isn’t the lightest grill, but the legs fold up easily and it’s easy to take on a boat with you. It has 285 inches of cooking surface and puts out 20,000 BTUs with two burners. With a button to ignite the grill, you don’t even have to worry about bringing a lighter.

The Road Trip LX grill is mounted on an adjustable stand so you can set it up on your pontoon deck and get grilling. It uses propane gas and has an easy angled adapter for use with small propane gas tanks. The fact that it’s an adjustable height cooking grill makes it extremely versatile.

The next Coleman grill that is well loved by boaters is the Coleman Camp Propane Boat Grill. With only 180 inches of cooking surface and 8,000 BTUs of heat, this grill is much smaller. It weighs under five pounds, but is still sturdy and powerful. With two wind panels, you can lock the lid in place and keep cooking as you drive.

How to Find the Right One

Now that you’re ready to buy a boat grill, how do you choose the right one?

1. Mounted Off Tabletop

Mounted boat grills have different pros and cons than tabletop boat grills. A mounted boat grill will be installed on the rail of your pontoon, so you won’t be able to take it with you camping or road tripping. Tabletop grills, on the other hand, aren’t installed on your boat and are much more versatile. For those who like to camp or road trip, a table top grill might be a better option.

2. Fuel

Most boat grills and portable grills will be powered by propane or gas. There are some, however, that will require charcoal or electricity. You’ll have to take into account the type of fuel you’ll have available or want to bring with you on your boat. Charcoal can be messy and electricity might be hard to come by on a boat, so think about how you’ll fuel your grill.

3. Material

Any grill on your boat is going to be exposed to the elements, so you should definitely keep in mind what material it’s built from. Typically, boat grills are made from stainless steel or aluminum as these materials tend to hold up the best.

4. Features

Depending on your budget and your needs, boat grills will offer different features. Maybe you want something with an easy temperature control or maybe you want multiple cooking grates. When you start looking for boat grills, know what features are important to you and how much you’re willing to pay to have them.

Final Verdict

The best pontoon boat grill is a great way to improve any boating trip, and you’ll be in good hands with both Cuisinart and Coleman. You’ll just have to decide which model’s specifications and features best fit your needs. With your own grill onboard, you can spend a whole day enjoying the sun, water, and some good meat.