Camp Chef vs Traeger Grills

Camp Chef vs Traeger

Last Update: March, 2021

There are some pretty big names in the grill and smoker market, namely Traeger and Camp Chef. Both brands are known to deliver a great pellet grill, but how do you know which is actually better?



Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill

This grill will transform your barbecue. You'll love the easy no hassle cooking it delivers.

Camp Chef SmokePro Pellet Smoker

This smoker is sure to give you unsurpassed flavor. If you hate clean up, you'll love this grill.

Traeger Texas Elite Pellet Smoker

This durable grill is built to last. It also gives you more than enough space for a large cookout.


  • Allows for a total of 811 square inches of cooking space
  • Includes sear box for high temp searing (up to 900 degrees)
  • Very dynamic, can cook with nearly any method


  • Propane tank for sear box will have to be purchased separately

More About The Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill

The Camp Chef Woodwind grill gives you all the extra features, and plenty of choice to control exactly how you want your food to turn out. Don’t let all the extras intimidate you though, this pellet grill is extremely easy to use every step of the way.

To get it started, you can make it as simple as pulling a knob and letting the grill go to work. After that, you can let it slow cook for up to an impressive 15 hours, without doing any work yourself.

The temperature controls also need to be mentioned, because they’re a great bonus on top of an already good grill. From 160 degrees up to 500 degrees (or 900 degrees if you’re searing with the included sear box), you have total control over how hot it gets, and it includes two high accuracy probes so you can rest easy that you’re getting the perfect amount of heat.

While it certainly does a great job while you’re grilling or smoking, it also makes your job much easier when you’re finished. This pellet grill includes the unique, patented ‘Ash Cleanout’ system which means you’ll never struggle with an ashy mess again. No sweeping or vacuuming is required on your part. In fact, all you have to do is pull a lever, and all that ash is collected and cleaned up for you.

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Camp Chef Smokepro Insulated Blanket


  • Even, consistent temperatures throughout cook time
  • Easy ‘set and forget’ cooking, no checking on your food
  • High capacity pellet hopper


  • Extra accessories like the sear box have to be purchased separately

More About The Camp Chef SmokePro Pellet Smoker

Are you looking for a long lasting, efficient pellet smoker? Does your grill also need to combine quality with ease of use? If so, you’ll want to check out the Camp Chef SmokePro. Like the other Camp Chef pellet grill, you get grilling and smoking temperatures that reach up to 500 degrees, with easy to read temperature controls, and a quick start knob.

The other neat thing about the SmokePro is the extra capacity you get with the hopper. It can easily hold up to 22 lbs of wood pellets (and since an average pellet bag is 20 lbs, you’re in good shape for a long cookout), which is great since it means less maintenance and upkeep on your end. It also includes the easy ash clean up system, a definite bonus feature for any outdoor grilling event.

You’ll find that it does an excellent job of maintaining temperature throughout the entire time you’re cooking, so everything gets even attention (and heat!). It’s easy to set the temperature, and even easier to monitor it, so you’ll never doubt that your burgers, steaks, or barbecue are going to come out just right.

Here’s the other thing you’ll love about this pellet grill:

You get pro quality pellet cooking, without the professional grade price tag. Perfect for even the occasional outdoor cook, you can get a great meal without feeling guilty about stretching your budget.

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Camp Chef Smokepro Insulated Blanket


  • Allows you to choose high and low settings
  • Easy start electric ignition button
  • Easy to move, and can be locked when needed


  • More difficult to clean out pellets when finished

More About The Traeger Texas Elite Pellet Smoker

The Texas Elite is a pellet smoker that comes from Traeger, one of the most popular and trusted grill brands on the market today. The quality and reliability of this brand have built it a well earned name in the outdoor cooking community. This Texas Elite pellet smoker follows with all the consistency and delicious cooking you’d expect from one of their products.

It’s also sized to be more convenient to use; you have plenty of room for a large gathering if you need to cook for the masses (it can handle up to 24 burgers at once), but it isn’t so large to where it becomes a bulky hassle to move around.

This grill isn’t just your typical backyard smoker either, it can handle more than a handful of cooking applications. If you need to broil your burgers, that’s no problem. Need to braise the next batch? That’s no problem either. All in all, this pellet grill can accomplish six different cooking methods, also including baking, roasting, and of course, barbecuing.

It’s easy to use the temperature controls, too. Simply set the dial, start the grill and let it go to work. This grill also includes an integrated digital temperature control, so it keeps the temperature inside consistent with your settings (within 20 degrees at any given point).

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Camp Chef Smokepro Insulated Blanket

Benefits of a Pellet Grill

Pellet grills are a great choice for a variety of reasons. They've long been a staple for hardcore outdoor grilling enthusiasts, but more and more people are getting into the idea of owning their own pellet grill. While more traditional style grills have served us well, there are even more reasons to switch to a pellet grill if you haven't yet.

First, you get really outstanding flavor when you use a pellet grill. Yes, the format is slightly different than other grills, but the rich flavors you get from cooking over wood or charcoal are still there. With the wide variety of different types and flavors of grilling pellets available, you can easily add in extra flavor when you need it to compliment what you're cooking.

Next, pellet grills are far easier to operate than most people realize. Since technology has come a long way, so have our grills. For most modern pellet grills you simply add in your wood pellets, select your temperature settings (many grills now allow for temperature control), and hit the ignition switch.

There’s no messing with hooking up a propane tank, no having to manually ignite the flame, or any of those starter steps that can turn into a hassle. You also don’t have to worry about overcooking or burning your meat like you do with a traditional grill, since pellet grills work similarly to a convection oven.

The clean up afterwards tends to be much easier too. Since you’re just dealing with pellets (most of which won’t need to be changed out after every use), you don’t have the ashy charcoal remains to deal with after every cookout, and there’s no unhooking your propane tank and exchanging it when you’re done.

When you cook with a pellet grill, there are very few limitations to what you can cook. You can cook anything you would on your regular grill, plus a ton more. You can allow meats to get more tender by cooking them significantly longer, without worrying about ending up with a burned or dried out piece of meat when you’re done.

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About Camp Chef Pellet Grill

Camp Chef pellet grills are easy to start with, throughout your entire cookout even up to the clean up. This brand certainly doesn’t skimp on any of the features you’ll be looking for in a new pellet grill, and thankfully it doesn’t force a budget stretch either. You get plenty of convenient features like automatic settings, a good temperature range, ample cooking space, and some workspace aside to make it even easier to grill your favorite foods.

The displays are easy to read and navigate, even if you’re completely new to cooking with a pellet grill. Another nice thing this brand gives you is ‘Hi’ and ‘Lo’ smoke options. So whether you want more of quick burn or slow smolder, you can get it.

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About Traeger Grill

Traeger pellet grills are definitely a top choice when you’re looking at a pellet grill, with plenty of room to cook a diverse range of foods. This is one of the most recognized brands in pellet grills, so you’ve likely encountered one somewhere. Their grills are highly durable, which is a big bonus to most outdoor cooking fans, and they aren’t difficult to operate.

You’ll get great flavor with a Traeger grill, and it can handle a pretty fair amount of food at a single time too. There’s some assembly required, but fortunately the instructions are clear and the work is fairly easy. While these grills tend to be somewhat more expensive than other brands, they have a huge following to back it up.

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Camp Chef and Traeger: Their Differences


One of the largest differences between the Camp Chef and Traeger brand grills is the level of heat they can achieve. Traeger grills typically reach only about 450 degrees (although some models do reach 500 degrees), while Camp Chef grills reach at least 500 degrees, regardless of the model you’re looking at. With the added sear box, Camp Chef pellet grills can sear at temperatures of up to 900 degrees.

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Temperature Control

 Each brand allows you to control the temperature you want to grill at, but how you do that, and how steadily it maintains that temperature is more variable. While the Traeger grills do have a more accessible, more updated display and control panel, they don’t necessarily maintain temperatures as well as Camp Chef models.

Traeger grills are able to maintain heat within about 20 degrees of where you’ve set it (either above or below), while Camp Chef grills tend to be accurate within about 10 degrees or less.

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Ease of use

It can be difficult to to really contrast the ease of use between these two brands, since modern pellet grills tend to be fairly easy to operate. For example, both or these grills give you easy, one touch ignition, as well as ‘set and forget’ cooking that you don’t have to keep an eye on. Both also allow you to set your temperature, while the grill automatically adjusts to maintain your temperature.

Some of the bigger difference come out of the woodwork when you get into the initial assembly and final clean up after a cookout.

At the start, Traeger definitely wins for easier assembly. The Camp Chef isn’t too difficult to assemble, but Traeger organizes components to make it mess free, and the instructions are very clear.

On the other hand, Camp Chef pellet grills make clean up a breeze because they have a special ash cleanout system that’s virtually hands free.Click here


Now to the cost: this tends to be a bone of contention with some grillers, because a lot of it can depend on whether or not you get a model with added features (which, naturally will raise the price). For the sake of simplicity, it’s better to compare the general prices on standard models without a bunch of extras. Between Camp Chef and Traeger grills of comparable sizes, Traeger tends to be more costly, which can be tick against the brand for buyers that are new to the pellet grill market.

Cooking time

When you’re getting a pellet grill, it’s a good idea to know what kind of wait time you’re looking at for your meal. That said, almost any pellet grill is designed to deliver that ‘slow and low’ cooking that keeps meat tender and even. However, sometimes you just want to get your grill on, and then get to feasting.

That’s where Traeger has a bit of a drawback for the less patient cooks. Both brands do offer high and low smoking options, although Camp Chef grills tend to be quicker (when you want it) without skimping on thorough cooking.  Traeger pellet smokers will need some extra time to get your food cooked as well as the other brand.learn more


Traeger and Camp Chef pellet grills are outstanding outdoor smokers, but they both have different advantages. Where Traeger has an established reputation, clear service and operations, Camp Chef delivers a more affordable option with higher accuracy and easier clean up.learn more

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