Best Pellet Grill Accessories

Winneconne, WI – 26 April 2020: A Traeger wood pellet smoker grill

You can do a lot with amazing pellet grills: smoking, searing, and barbequing. A pellet grill is perfect for any cooking style The way those pellets can smoke, maintain temperatures, and even redirect flames makes cooking a breeze. You will need some accessories like grill grates or a grill basket to really get the most out of your pellet grill. Consider picking up a few of these awesome accessories.

Best Pellet Grill Accessories

There are tons of accessories for pellet grills on the market. While using the actual pellet grill is simple, picking out the accessories can be difficult. Let’s start by looking through a few of the best options.

Remote Thermometers

In the past, you just had to stick a meat thermometer into the meat and wait to check the internal temperature. Many of us still do that! There’s an easier way now. There are instant read meat thermometers that work well too. You can get the temperature with just a click of a button! There are also remote thermometers that use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to link to your Smartphone.

You can use these thermometers to monitor more pieces of meat right from your phone, meaning that you can step away from the grill more easily. These are both the perfect accessory, and are quintessential if you have an entry-level pellet grill.

Tool and Pellet Storage

When you are grilling, you want to have everything you need readily available. This means having your tools right beside or even on your pellet grill. You can do this by using magnetic, heat-resistant plastic hooks. These hooks attach right to your grill to hang your tools nearby and have been proven to to last.

Don’t forget about having storage for your pellets. You want ensure you have storage that keeps the pellets completely dry and usable in your grill. Pick out a good waterproof container that you can rest on the ground when you’re grilling.

Racks and Tongs

You know what sounds good? A nice rack of ribs! You’ll want to choose rib rack that will work best with your pellet grill. There are several styles available. Some can be placed vertically along the grill, while others just sit atop. Those vertical ones are great options for huge cook sessions if you want to free up some cooking surface in the pellet grill.

You will always need a good pair of tongs to move the meat around if only to prevent you from accidentally dropping it. Tongs also come in handy to get your meat in and out of the rib racks safely!

Some Additional Tool Options

Beyond tongs, there are many types of grilling and smoking tools that you need to make the process easier. Think about those simple tools like the spatula or meat forks. These tools are necessary when dealing with huge slabs of meat, which is why they’re much larger than your average tools.

Don’t forget other types of tools either, like leather, heat resistant gloves and an apron. These are simple, but if you’re doing some serious grilling that involves moving meats to rest or moving other hot foods, you need these to keep you safe and clean.

Prep Space and Knives

You might need some extra prep space for your meat before you put it on the grill. This is extra space for seasoning and resting even after you have it cooked, which is why you might want to invest in a good folding shelf. These shelves are designed to work with your grill to give you extra space when you need it but fold away when you don’t.

Don’t forget about knives to use in the prep space! Like when you want to slice up your meat after you’re done with the cooking. You want a good carving knife that will slice right through meat without ripping it up. You will want to find a knife that is multi-functional so you get good use of it around the kitchen as well.


Your flavoring comes from two things: your pellets and your rubs or marinades. Your wood pellets can come in various flavors like apple, hickory, or mesquite, or can even be flavorless if you don’t want them seeping into your meat.

Combine your smoky pellet flavor with the flavors you choose in your rubs and marinades. Now, these may not be grill accessories in the same way your tongs are, but you do need them if you want to get a delicious chunk of meat in the end. If you do have marinades, don’t forget to pick out a good brush to flavor your meat mid-cook too.

Grill Covers

Beyond the actual cooking process, you’ll want tools to keep your pellet grill safe and secure. This will ensure that you have your grill for years to come. This is why you should consider purchasing a high-quality cover made specifically to fit your pellet grill.

These grill covers are vital because your pellet smoker has some electrical components that need to be protected from water or rain. Anything that fits your pellet grill will seal it off to the elements so that nothing creeps in to ruin your actual machinery.


You need to be able to keep your pellet grill clean when you’re done cooking, which means getting grill cleaning accessories like an ash vacuum or a grill brush. Of course, you can do this with your hands, but for easy cleaning, and to save a little time and effort, you’ll want to use the vacuum to get in the tight spots. Since these vacuums are fire-safe, you don’t need to worry about stray embers. Don’t forget to use your grill brush too. They are great for making your grill racks clean and free of any left over food remnants.


There are many available pellet grill accessories that you can use to get your cooking done and maintain your machine. From tongs to your favorite brand of seasoning, pick out these accessories to ensure that you have the best grilling experience possible. Not to mention that when you’re done, you’ll have some delicious pieces of meat for everyone to dig into!