Best Grill Cleaner

Best Grill Cleaner

Last Update: March, 2021

Sometimes a regular wire grill brush will not be enough to help you give your grill a thorough clean. Being unable to remove all the grease and grime from your grill can lead to dangerous health hazards and can cause the mess to build up even more over time.

Having a grill cleaner on hand can help you ensure that your grill gets the excellent cleaning power it needs in a shorter amount of time. Listed below are some of the best grill cleaning products, along with their pros and cons and a further explanation of why you should have a grill cleaner.

Grill Cleaner



Get the ultra-cleaning power you need out of the Elaziy cleaning brick. It is safe for kids and animals and there are no bristles on it that will end up falling into the grill, and consequently your food.

Goo Gone

The Goo Gone Grill and Grate Cleaner will be able to work on the toughest grill messes and give your grill an extraordinarily fresh clean. This multi-purpose cleaner can be used on grill interiors and exteriors, drip pans and grill grates


The USDA approved Weber Grill Cleaning Spray will help you get your grill cleaned quickly and efficiently. This product is guaranteed to remove tough grease from your grill.

Zep Fast

The Zep Fast 505 will help you remove heavily greased on messes with ease. It works quickly and efficiently as an extra benefit to you.


The Grillbot Grill Cleaning Robot will take on the grill cleaning work for you. This will allow you to spend your quality time focusing on your event rather than go through the trouble of cleaning.


  • Will not stain your hands
  • Made of 100% non toxic, ecological materials
  • Cleans your grill four times faster than a traditional wire brush


  • May wear down quickly

More About Elaziy Grill Cleaning Brick

You’ll be happy with the Elaziy if you’re looking for sheer cleaning power. The best thing is - the Elaziy Grill Cleaning Brick is made of odorless and ecologically safe materials while not compromising on cleaning power. This cleaning brick does not have any bristles or spikes that will break off onto the grill unlike most grill brushes and it will not damage the surface of your grill. In fact, the Elaziy cleaning brick will be able to give your grill a better clean than wire grill brushes.

The brick is made out of pumice stone, an all-natural and non-toxic material that is safe to use around kids and animals. Its lightweight anti-slip grip will allow you to handle it efficiently. You’ll find that you won’t have to strain your hands as much.

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KP Solutions 2 Pack

Q-Swiper BBQ Grill Cleaning Wipes

Ultra Stiff Drill Powered Cleaning Brushes


  • Safe on any surface whether it’s drip pans, cooking grates or metals
  • Super strength gel
  • Completely biodegradable


  • May need multiple coats

More About The Goo Gone Grill Cleaner

The Goo Gone Grill Cleaner is safe to use on all surfaces on your grill and will effectively remove grease and gunk from your grill. It is biodegradable and can clean baked-on deposits, grease, caked-on food and carbon effectively. However, we do not recommend that you use this cleaner on faux stainless steel or aluminum.

The Goo Gone Grill Cleaner is much safer to use on your grill than other coarser cleaners such as wired or spiked brushes. You’ll love the refreshing citrus formula to give your grill an exceptionally fresh clean. Use it often to reduce flare-ups and prevent erosion from occurring in your grill.

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CLR PB-BBQ-26 BBQ Grill Cleaner

KP Solutions 2 Pack

Q-Swiper BBQ Grill Cleaning Wipes

Ultra Stiff Drill Powered Cleaning Brushes


  • Designed with a USDA approved the formula
  • Allow you to clean your grill while it is cold
  • Provides a fast and powerful clean


  • Some containers arrive leaking

More About The Weber Grill Cleaner Spray

The Weber Grill Cleaner Spray is non-flammable and will help you remove the grease and gunk from your grill in a shorter amount of time than most other cleaning products. You’ll enjoy how it gives you great value for your money – you can use it on microwaves, smokers, ovens, and many grill surfaces too. Versatility is what it’s well loved for. This Weber spray is made with a USDA approved formula that will be safe for you and your family to use.

For your peace of mind, the Weber cleaner is also biodegradable, non-toxic and non-corrosive. You will be able to clean your grill while it is still cold. This way, you will be able to save fuel and money. This powerful cleaning product is definitely worth a try.

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CLR PB-BBQ-26 BBQ Grill Cleaner

KP Solutions 2 Pack

Q-Swiper BBQ Grill Cleaning Wipes

Ultra Stiff Drill Powered Cleaning Brushes


  • Helps remove heavy stains with ease
  • Built for versatility
  • Has a strong 80-year heritage


  • May need to use a great amount

More About The Zep Fast 505

The Zep Fast 505 works quickly to remove grease and gunk from any grill surface. Its fast acting formula will allow you to save time cleaning your grill, as well as many other surfaces such as various types of equipment and bicycle chains. Its versatility will prove to be an added bonus to you and your grill cleaning experience.

Built with an easy to pull the trigger, it comes in handy if you are planning on constant use. This professional grade degreaser will provide you with an amazing next level clean that you would not be able to receive with most other grill cleaners. In fact, a lot of garages and outdoor shops often put them to good use. You’ll be able to enjoy a fast acting, high grade grill cleaner with this brand.

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CLR PB-BBQ-26 BBQ Grill Cleaner

KP Solutions 2 Pack

Q-Swiper BBQ Grill Cleaning Wipes

Ultra Stiff Drill Powered Cleaning Brushes


  • Easy to clean
  • More efficient than a wire brush
  • Deep cleans your grill for 30 minutes after using


  • You have to remember to charge it

More About The Grillbot Grill Cleaning Robot

The Grillbot Grill Cleaning Robot will be able to clean every inch of your grill automatically. Finally, you will be able to eliminate most of the cleaning work while simultaneously saving time. Now, you will be able to enjoy your own event more often and put your very own cleaning robot to work! A timer turns it off automatically and the alarm lets you know when it’s done its job. The Grillbot is really a fully automated hands-free companion.

This robot can effectively scrub off all forms of grease and caked-on food in a short amount of time. Made of flame resistant plastic, it can withstand intense temperatures of up to 250 degrees. This cleaning robot will add a whole new level of ease to your life and with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee, what’s there to lose?

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Ultra Stiff Drill Powered Cleaning Brushes

Importance of Having a Grill Cleaner

Whether you have a plain bbq grill or an all-purpose grill, it is always important to have a grill cleaner handy. Bacteria can form on your grill over time and can cause diseases to form if they are left unchecked.

Food Safety

Burned food residue and caked-on food leaving traces of grease and gunk on your grill can end up in your food and cause you to become sick. Having an excellent grill cleaner on hand can help you prevent bacteria from collecting even further. Any burned up food grilling in the carbon residue will also be detrimental to your health.

A dirty grill also has the possibility of causing flare-ups and attracting insects.

Wired Brushes are Dangerous

Wired or spiked brush bristles have a tendency of breaking and becoming stuck inside your grill, and can potentially end up being cooked into your food if you are not careful. Be sure to get a good grill cleaner so you can avoid the risk of ingesting the bristles. If you continue using a brush, be sure to keep it clean and replace it as needed.


Especially if you use your grill repetitively without cleaning it, the metal of your grill has a risk of rusting and breaking apart. No grill lover wants to experience the degradation of their grill so maintaining a good cleaning regimen with excellent products you know will work will be essential. Do not let yourself or others get sick due to an unclean grill, and do not let your grill deteriorate as it can get to a point where it’s beyond salvage.

While it’s a hassle to keep a grill clean for every use, it is nonetheless still an important task. Be sure to clean your grates regularly and clean your grease trays weekly. Only you can prevent the potential risks that occur from an unclean grill.

Features to Look For

When choosing a grill cleaner, there are different features to keep in mind when you’re trying to maintain a squeaky clean grill.

Multifunctionality of the Cleaner

If you buy the right cleaner, it can be used on several different products and surfaces. Not only can your grill be shiny and sparkling, but with the right cleaner, you can also make your other appliances in your home clean and looking good as new with the right ingredients found in an oven cleaner.

Ingredients Used

You might instinctively go for the strongest grill cleaner on the market – one with a powerful formula that will just wipe out the grease. Unfortunately, certain cleaners might have harmful ingredients that can actually cause your grill to corrode instead.

What’s more, these cleaners often have toxic ingredients that are harmful for your health too. Its toxic fumes might cause breathing problems while getting some sprayed on your skin accidentally might cause skin irritations.

Try to go for a cleaner that’s non toxic and environmentally friendly. There are ones with natural ingredients on the market that are much better for your own health and safety.


With grill cleaners, it’s not always a case of “the bigger the better”. Most people would assume that a bigger bottle means it’s more effective and has a higher volume to last you a longer time. Sometimes the actual case is the bigger the grill cleaner, the less useful it is, and the more expensive it can be.

There are some cleaners that can be found in a smaller bottle and while it may seem like you’re getting a lesser volume, this amount of cleaner could be best for you and your grill. Since a smaller amount of liquid often means a higher concentration of the liquid, this can have a longer lasting effect than cleaners that can be purchased in bigger bottles.

Cleaner Scent

The great thing about your bbq grill cleaner options is they come in various smells. Some can be lemony fresh while others don’t contain a scent at all. Whatever you’re interested in when you’ve finished cooking and are spiffing up your cleaner is entirely up to you.

If you’re the owner of a Weber grill and are searching for an odorless cleaning spray, the Weber grill cleaning spray could be the best option for you to try out.

How Effective It is

You might be impatient to wait it out and want a product that works fast. However, the truth is, a lot of fast-acting cleaners just aren’t as effective or powerful. We’ve found that many grill cleaners that really get the job done require a standing time of at least a few hours. It’s just more effective on the stains, grease and burnt food.

Tips for Cleaning Your Gas Grills

The best part of owning a grill is, of course, the bonding it can bring you and your family or friends while you host barbecues and cook delicious food. The trickiest part: the upkeep and keeping the grill clean for your own health and safety.

Here are some tips on how to effectively clean your gas grills at the end of each grilling season. 

1. First, you’ll want to turn the temperature of your grill up to high for at least 15 minutes. This will burn off any excess food particles your grill may have captured while cooking any past meals. 
2. After the 15 minutes have passed, let the grill cool. Remove your propane tank, and wait for it to cool down completely. 
3. Put a bottle of soapy water next to the grill and remove the cooled grates and bars from the grill. Place these in the bucket. Take all the over easy to remove grill items off the grill and add them to the soapy water as well.
4. Take a grill cleaning brick and use it to wipe the inside of the grill.


You can also try soaking newspapers in water in a ‘steam cleaning’ method. Wait for your BBQ to cool down, cover the grill with your soaked newspapers before closing the lid. Then, wait for 30 minutes.


Another popular tip involves your dishwasher. Some grills have hot plates that are smaller and can fit right into your dishwasher. Turn the settings to a pot washing mode and watch them come out looking new. As always, you’ll find that you get better results when you do it while it’s still a little warm.


You probably didn’t think your coffee would be able to help much. If you have greasy utensils and grill, soak them in coffee. The acid is very effective in turning loose the stubborn food residue.


Another one of those surprising cleaning products! While your grill is still a little warm, rub an onion all over the hot bars with a fork. The onion has water that will kind of give your grills a steam clean. It’s helpful to remove stubborn caked on food residue.

With premium stainless steel grills, you’ll want to use water to rinse the outside of the grill, then wipe it with a dry cloth or rag.

You can use stainless steel spray to clean any simple stains. For the tough and tricky stains, grab a paper towel, soak it in calcium, lime and rust remover then leave it on the stained grill for approximately 5 minutes. To finish off, wipe with a dry paper towel.

Possible Dangers of Grill Brushes

As mentioned, we do discourage the use of grill brushes. Here’s a more detailed look at why they’re dangerous and why we recommend grill cleaners instead.

The Danger of Plastic

A lot of professional oven brushes contain plastic on their brushes not just in the handles but on remaining sections of the brush as well. This can cause harm and danger when it’s close to a fire on a grill.

Bristles Made of Wire

Grill brushes have wire bristles, and they can fall right off your brush and into your grill which can appear in your food when you cook on the grill. If this sneaks its way into any future meals, it can be swallowed and hurt your stomach, liver or intestines. You might be shocked to know that swallowing bristles is actually a fairly common injury. In fact, the CDC warned about it after a Rhode Island hospital reported six cases over 18 months in 2012.


When cleaning a grill, there is more that you need to be cautious and aware of than you may realize. Be sure to purchase a cleaner that is effective at a fairly good value while being safe for you and your family.

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