About Ultimate Grill Mate

Welcome to Ultimate Grill Mate. I am Jake, your main page curator. I also post all of our reviews. We are a family of grill fanatics. When I say fanatics, I mean, we don't just cook out. We go to shows, dig into the specs of the equipment, argue over best BTUs, etc. We LOVE everything there is to love about grilling.

Our #1 goal at Ultimate Grill Mate is simple. We want to publish the best, most useful, and interesting reviews on grills to help walk our readers through the process of selecting the products that are best for them.

Running Ultimate Grill Mate is not free!  Running a website like Ultimate Grill mate is very time consuming and expensive. On top of the cost of content, images, server space and getting our hands on products to review, the time investment is enormous. 

Ultimate Grill Mate is a business, and we love it. Our entire team are grilling fanatics. We love a good company party where the grills are blazing, and the meat is simmering. This being said, we all approach this website as a business. In order to cover the costs of expenses, Ultimate Grill Mate uses referral and affiliate links. This means that after you read a review and go to purchase a product from a 3rd party, we get a percentage of the sale. Using these special links does not cost you anything additional. The links simply generate income for our website, in exchange for sending customers to make a purchase. 

We make a conscious effort to make all of our reviews as non-biased as possible. Some of our reviews are based off of real world tests, others are based off on in-depth research. 

Nobody can pay to be featured on our website and we will never endorse a product we don't believe in.  Every product we review has a detailed summary, as well as pros and cons. 

At it's core, we are supported by readers like you, so we will always put you first.