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Ultimate Grill Mate is your one stop shop for all things grills. We pride ourselves on testing and evaluating each product we feature to provide our readers with the most in-depth, accurate reviews to help you choose the best grill. Our goal is to educate our readers about the options they have available to make sure they are spending their money on the right BBQ equipment from the get go. Gone are the days of spending money on grills that will break down after a year, or don't cook food properly. The products we feature have meet our standards for excellent grilling. 

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Our approach to finding the best grills is simple:

  • We keep track of products making a stir, or come recommended to us
  • We test the products
  • We give our candid feedback on our experience with each product

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Before diving into a purchase of the latest and greatest grill, check out what we have to say first! If the product is worth it, we will let you know. If there are other products out there that are a better deal, you'll hear it from us first. We are not paid to endorse any particular products, all of the products we feature earned their spot on our site. We will not review a product in a positive light if we feel it does not deserve our praise. With this in mind, let us do your grill research for you and help you find the perfect match for your backyard BBQ.

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